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Order History

Order History: Large U.S. Supermarket


Scope: 8 months

Categories: UX, Solution Ideation, Prototyping,

Role: Lead UX Designer, UX Researcher, Competitive Analysis, Wireframing, User Journey

Tools: Sketch, Invision



Problem: A larger U.S. Grocery Store was implementing online grocery ordering. They needed a way for users to keep track of the orders they made and see the progress of their orders.

How it Works

When a user makes their first order, it will appear in the ‘Your Orders’ section. They will be able to see when they placed the order as well as when they have scheduled to pick up their groceries.


After the user has successfully picked up their order, their screen will change to show both their past orders as well as their in progress orders. If they have any in progress orders, they will be able to see the status on the home page.


Design Process


I was the lead UX designer on a large grocery store chain’s order history feature. The team was made up of multiple roles including developers, product managers, business and quality analysts. The feature below was introducing order history into the mobile app. One of the challenges here was to understand and prioritize the most important information a shopper would want in an order history feature.




Most apps show orders for individual items but when shopping at a grocery store, you often buy multiple items. How can we represent that without overwhelming the user? Through research, we discovered that 60% of carts are habitual. Thus determining order history could be an opportunity to increase revenue (a key KPI) by allowing users to directly add previously bought items to their current cart. Above is a brief snapshot of the design journey. The first row is the final product and the row below that are artifacts of the research and discovery phase.