I do UX Design and Research.
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What's Next



Together with: Yufei Wang and Elvis Yang

Timeline: 3 months

Categories: UX Research, UX Strategy, Product Design

My Role: Project Manager, Lead Interviewer, Insights Synthesis, Ideation, User Experience



We worked with freelance and remote workers to address 1 question: How might we support workers in leading active careers? Using the IDEO design process, our team of three prototyped a solution to address one of the main pain-points in the freelance work process: that vital information is unstructured and scattered throughout the freelance journey.


What’s Next is an online open source comprehensive guide for freelance and remote workers to understand the more nuanced parts of the work process. Users can choose categories that they need guidance on and a guide will walk them through step by step. There is also a community element where other freelancers can share their own experiences, letting users get professional input as well as community guidance.




We began by understanding how work and mobility have evolved over the years. From there we conducted interviews with freelance, remote workers as well as freelance experts as well as workers who live and work in smaller cities. Analyzing our findings allowed us to form insights and design principles which guided our final proposal that we presented in the form of a book.



The lack of ability to learn from others is a key issue for many freelancers, many of whom work independently, alone in coffee shops or in smaller cities. Because of this, we sought to provide an online platform that could provide a sense of community for freelancers as well as a place to share vital information about elements of the freelance process that some freelancers may miss out on because they they work alone.


Breaking it Down

Users are met with a breakdown of the work process and what to expect - from getting clients to getting paid.

Help and Support

Users are guided through elements of the process such as drafting a contract. They are also able to see comments and anecdotes from other freelancers talking about their experiences. Users are also able to tell their stories.

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Sample Contract

Users can look at and provide their information into a sample contract that they can then export or print out.