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The Future of Education

The Future of Education


The Future of Education

Together with: Yuko Kanai and Anna Chau

Timeline: 5 weeks

Categories: Systems Thinking, Design Research, Systems Design

Role: Researcher, Design Strategist, Systems Mapper

Tools: Sketch, Adobe Illustrator


We envision the future of education where learners are at the center and puts the focus of soft skills and the ability to learn in real world environments. We called our new school Pixel.


The current state of Education needs an overhaul. It is struggling to keep up with the modern world and student. How might we evaluate the system of education to better envision a future where being a student is a lifelong title.


Our design process involved a lot of background research and system mapping on the current state of education to identify pain points and ways the current system could be improved. We kept coming back to the question: “What is the purpose of design today, how will that change in the future?“ We concluded that the current system doesn’t prepare learners for an ever evolving technological landscape. From there we honed in on the improvements we wanted to make in our system and developed a system manifesto and a design that aligns with our goals.  


Our co-creation design process.

We imagine our new school system getting students out of the classroom and redefines the relationship between student and  teacher. Currently, only 3% of the national budget is spent on education. We imagine a future where the culture around education shifts to the point of 30% allocated to the national budget. Our next steps would be to fine tune the details of the system to further address things in the system that need addressing. Such as mentor-student interactions and education/teacher funding.

We want to utilize AI and machine learning to develop a lifelong companion for learners to feel empowered and understand what they are learning when. This device will be given to the user at birth and as they get older they will have more agency over  how often they would like to use it. Once they reach different achievement levels, they will be categorized as either a scholar, an operator or a mentor.

AI Companion