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Prism Personal Dining Table



A placemat for those who wish to not be disturbed.

Categories: Solo Project, Arduino, Physical Prototyping, Internet of Things, Electronics

Tools: Arduino, IFTT

One of the frustrations in working in groups and working remotely is not being able to step away and think. Prism is an internet of things placemat that alerts team members when you are unavailable. A tutorial has been published on the Instructables website for others to recreate. The Instructables tutorial can be found here

Prism is a mindful tool for people who don’t have enough time for themselves. It works by sensing when plates and cutlery have been placed on the table, and alerts those around you by lighting up the LEDs in the front. It also alerts team members virtually by sending them a message saying you are taking a break.


Prism works with Adafruits Feather Huzzah board as well as the Arduino uno board for those who do not wish to implement the IOT component. The activity of the LED lights trigger sends data to the slack messenger feed alerting others that this person may not be able to respond right away. When the led is no longer lighting up, a message is sent saying this person is back online.

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