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Macroon: Feminine Product Holder

Macroon: Portable Feminine Product Washer


This project was intended as a tool for the apocalypse. It came from a concern that often goes unnoticed when discussing dystopian tools: women’s needs.This somewhat speculative neck piece acts as mode for cleaning menstrual cups and reusable pads and tampons while also doubling as a carrying case for those products.

Screen Shot 2018-12-22 at 8.28.41 PM.png


I was inspired by the look of small hand held washing machines like the one above. I learned that effective hand washers also make use of texture on the inside to ensure adequate washing The next iteration of this product would focus on that. A future mobile lifestyle also means that space is limited. So I also made the washer wearable as a  stylish neckpiece making it functional, yet desirable.


Sustainable menstruation  products require proper cleaning. So I developed this tool to be used in situations that required you to move quickly from place to place. The strands serve a dual purpose of cleaning handles and necklace strands.