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Badru Sexual Education App

Badru Sex-Ed App


Sex Ed that Serves Black Girls

Timeline: 5 weeks

Categories: UX/UI, Concept Ideation, Prototyping

Role: Solo Project, Desk Research, Wireframes, Branding

Tools: Sketch, Adobe Illustrator


Sex Ed isn’t serving black girls. In U.S. Schools, black students are more likely to receive abstinence only education than white students even though most young people engage in sexual activity before leaving high school. Not having a right to this information may be linked to the disproportionate rates of HIV/AIDS and other STDs 


How might we create a something that empowers young girls with the information that they need to make informed decisions about their bodies while making sure that they embrace their femininity?

Design Process



How It Works

Badru probes users though a series of questions to make them think about what they want for themselves and their bodies. It does this while also educating users on vital health information.

User Journey

Competitive Analysis

Competative Analysis2.jpg

4x4 Matrix





brand style guide.png

Next Steps

I would really love to get user feedback with a subject matter expert and better understand the needs of the audience I am designing for. I would also love to interview some potential users. Additionally, I would love to start building out the physical companion of the app.