I do UX Design and Research.
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About Me


Experience Designer, ThoughtWorks

I'm an experience Design Consultant with ThoughtWorks. I work with clients trying to developed a more user centered approach to solve their business problems. Whether that be defining a user research and testing process or using design as a means to grow business. 

At ThoughtWorks, I have worked on both large and smaller scale teams in industries ranging from Financial Institutions to health care service companies. I've even worked on large scale event planning!

My Design Approach

I believe in putting the user at all stages of vision, development and production. I believe that to truly understand needs, you must communicate constantly and communicate well. Different problems require different tools such as concept models, user journeys, empathy maps and competitive analysis. I have many under my belt to discover the best solutions.  

The most effective teams have design embedded and collaborating with other disciplines. I believe design should not work in a silo. I meet with stakeholders early on to understand needs, I keep that line of communication open as ideas become journeys and wireframes.

I believe in involving end users as early and often as possible. This also means following an iterative design process in which the team continuously improves on design based on real user feedback. 

I also believe in pairing with developers. These skills in addition to my passion for research and attention to detail has given me an understanding of what makes exceptional design. 

When I'm not working I love to dance, taking pictures of friends and rediscovering my love for film.

When I'm Not Designing...

When I'm not designing, I'm usually talking about design with the meetup community I created for other black designers. I also love watching documentary films, listening to music, yoga and dance.