I do UX Design and Research.

A Large Financial Institution

A Top 3 European Investment Bank


Our collaborative team was tasked with helping a large bank with understanding and mitigating regulatory risk with banking clients who could be seen as risky to Regulators. Our client needed an easy way to keep track of which clients had more instability or had close connections with highly risky clients. 


Research & Process

We first conducted user research and interviews to determine what would help solve their problem. We observed employees to understand their pain points and areas of opportunities. Through this process, we determined that one the root problems was that client information was scattered and unstructured. So by the time clients were discovered to be risky, they may have already been accepted within the bank.  The solution became a collaborative client record so many employees could contribute and easily access information about prospective clients at any time. The first row is the high fidelity prototype and the second row is a collection of deliverables we used to research, discover and eventually present to the client.